Turkey, Medium, Free-Range, Richardson Farm

Turkey, Medium, Free-Range, Richardson Farm

$96.00 each @ 14-18lb

**SOLD OUT** This item is available for ordering now but please note the limited dates for delivery.

$6.00/lb final price calculated on delivery. A $30 deposit will be charged when you order a local bird. You are welcome to request a weight ‘range’ (for example, 16-17 pounds) in the Packing Instructions of this order, but actual weights cannot be guaranteed – turkeys don’t like diets.

*Turkeys may not be purchased with a coupon.*

Keep Thanksgiving local with the pastured turkeys from Richardson Farms in Rockdale, Texas! Jim and Kay Richardson pride themselves in producing local pastured turkeys, meaning they are able to roam freely out in the farm's fields (and able to eat as many bugs and/or grass that they can find!) Absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are given to any of the poultry at Richardson Farms, giving pastured turkeys a much more superior flavor than mass-produced chickens. Raised by family farmers who care about sustainability, you can't beat the exceptional taste of a local Richardson Farms turkey!

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