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Local BoxTM

$35.99 each

Selection of the freshest produce items available hand-picked by Greenling. Only local, in-season, organic or sustainably grown produce is used. Quantity & items may vary as availability can change daily and basket changes every week.

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In Local Boxes this week (July 14 - July 19):

Items with a (*) are only available in the Local Box.

  • Roma Tomatoes - Sky View Farm
  • Leeks- Wicks
  • Peaches - Larken Farm
  • Cantaloupe- Reeves Family Farm
  • 1015 Onion - Wolf Creek
  • Purslane - My Father's Farm
  • Italian Parsley - My Father's Farm
  • Summer Squash - Sky View Farm/ Larken Farm
  • Red Potatoes - Wicks
  • Cucumber - Sky View Farm
  • Purple Hull Peas- Wicks

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