Greenling & Whole Foods Market FAQ

So, what's the deal?

Greenling is partnering with Whole Foods Market to offer our delivery service and products to their customers. It doesn't change anything we do, just makes our service available to Whole Foods Market Deliverymore people, helping grow the local food movement! You will see Greenling kiosks and information in Whole Foods Market. You can sign up for delivery there, but all ordering still takes place on

Why Whole Foods? Aren't they the big guy? I thought you were about small farms?

We are about local and small farms! So are they! Whole Foods genuinely wants to support local farms and local food. They see this partnership as a way to help do that. If you look at our company values they're very similar. We both believe in the benefits of local food and together we can help grow local food systems better than apart. This level of cooperation in a marketplace is rather unheard of and speaks to how progressive both companies are.

Has Whole Foods Market bought you? Were you in trouble or something?

Nope. This was born out of conversations about how to improve the local food system. Whole Foods is excited to partner with us so they can provide more services to their customers and support local farms.

Can I get Whole Foods Market products delivered with my Greenling order?

Not at this time. As our relationship grows we will explore add-ons, including WFM products or allowing concierge orders to be added to Greenling deliveries. For now, enjoy Greenling's selection of local and/or Organic goodness and go to Whole Foods for the rest of your grocery needs!

How do I know my local produce is still coming from local farms and not from Whole Foods Market?

Come on, now. That's just silly. Nothing about Greenling's business is changing except it will grow. We still work with the same farms and as we grow we'll need even more farmers, helping grow the local food system.

How do Greenling and Whole Foods Market quality standards align?

Greenling's quality standards are in line with the standards at Whole Foods Market. Remember everything Greenling sells is either local and sustainably grown or certified Organic. We investigate every farm and company we work with to ensure their values align with ours.

Ok, I think I got it....why is Whole Foods doing this, again?

Because they are all about local food! They're a big company, yes, but they still care deeply about local and Organic food. They want to help rebuild local food systems and have incredible resources to help in that journey. This is one step of many they're taking to bring food integrity and quality to a new level. See if this video will help:

They also have a great newsletter with recipes and in-store specials:
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