Farmhouse to Your Door Delivery

Farmhouse to Your Door Delivery

Straight from the farm to you


Farmhouse to Your Door DeliveryEver wonder how we can deliver such fresh produce? It's like our delivery trucks come straight from the farmhouse! And it's pretty close. Because we have repeating orders and so many people use us as their grocery shopping source we can know pretty far in advance what we're going to need for delivery. We communicate this with the farmers, but since they're mostly local we can tell them to leave the produce on the vine where it's happiest. Then, sometimes the day before, sometimes a couple of days before we call the farmhouse for last-minute delivery adjustment orders. If we said we would need about 1000 watermelons for the week we may call them on Monday and say 'ok, we have exactly 1012 orders' and they'll pick 1012 watermelons for us.

Then they take their local goodness, at its peak of freshness, and deliver to us early in the morning. Some of that produce will go out that day, some over the next several days. Some farmers come almost every day of the week to ensure the best, freshest products. We kind of act as their farmhouse, but with free delivery to you! Once it gets to us we immediately store it at whatever temperature it likes best and then it gets packed into our insulated and padded bins for delivery. There are some really easy ways to get this awesome, farm-fresh produce delivered to you:


Greenling Box

Order a Local Box

Our most popular item and the only box you can't customize - it's whatever's fresh and in-season that week

Quickshop Baskets

Order a Quickshop Basket

Fully-customizable, find one you mostly like then add or remove items until it's perfect

Recipe Kits

Order a Recipe Kit

Everything you need for a meal, everything prepped and portioned with easy-to-follow instructions



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