Coffee, 1/2 Caff, Whole Bean, Austin Java Co., Local - Central Texas

Coffee, 1/2 Caff, <strong>Whole Bean</strong>, Austin Java Co.
Austin Java Coffee


Coffee, 1/2 Caff, Whole Bean, Austin Java Co., Local

Produced by Austin Java Coffee

$11.49  $8.49 per pound

Sorry, this product is currently unavailable in Central Texas.

Whole bean, half-caffeinated, locally roasted coffee!

This blend is designed for the coffee lover who doesn't need the full caffeine kick. A lovely smokiness paired with a clean finish, light body, and medium acidity. All the taste and half the caffeine. This coffee is made of a mix of organic and non-organic beans. Austin Java sources organic when available, but will use conventionally grown beans to avoid supply gaps.

Austin Java Coffee

Austin, Tx
Austin Java Coffee

An Austin institution, this coffee shop has expanded all across the city. While they now host a menu of good eats at their cafes, we still pine for the house roasted coffee beans. We admire their dedication to being environmentally conscious and bringing in organic and fair trade coffee to Austin.

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