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Local BoxTM

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In Local Boxes this week (February 2nd - 7th):

  • Lettuce, Variety – Sand Creek Farm
  • Arugula or Leafy Greens – Comanche Oaks 
  • Yukina Savoy* – My Father’s Farm
  • Microgreens* – My Father’s Farm
  • Cauliflower – Gundermann Acres
  • Limes (1#) – G&S Groves
  • Green Japanese Radishes* – Animal Farm
  • Rainbow Carrots – Animal Farm
  • Assorted New Potatoes* – Windy Hill Farm 

* Starred items are available for sale as part of the Local Box only. Thank you for understanding!  The Local Box is subject to change throughout the week due to shortages and stock.

Ideas for This Week's Ingredients: 

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Yukina Savoy: Don’t shy away from the Superstar of a winter green! Though the stalks look a little like celery, the flavor is much nicer. Rinse and tear into smaller pieces before throwing into your favorite sauté, spinach dip, stuffed chicken breasts, etc. You can’t really go wrong.
Rainbow Carrots: Think of a recipe that calls for baby carrots or traditional chopped carrots and sub them for rainbow carrots. You’ll liven up the color of the dish as well as the flavor. Try using rainbow carrots in minced in mirepoix, shredded in coleslaw, or sliced in Vietnamese pho.
Texas Limes: You’re getting a whole pound of local limes in your box this week, and you have to promise right now that you’ll make a limeade! Check our Pinterest page for fantastic spiced limeade recipes.
Green Radishes: Sometimes called Japanese or Chinese green radishes, you’ll be blown away when you cut open into this rare variety and see its beautiful interior. Its flavor is common to more common radishes, though. 

Happy cooking!

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