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Local BoxTM

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In Local Boxes this week (Mar 2nd - 7th):

  • Aquaponics Lettuce – Sand Creek
  • Green Garlic – Fruitful Hill Farm
  • Broccolini - Animal Farm
  • Green Cabbage – Gundermann Acres
  • Spinach – My Father’s Farm
  • Chinese Celery – My Father’s Farm
  • Brussels Sprouts on Stalk – Johnson’s Backyard Garden 
  • Texas Oranges - Gundermann Acres or G&S Groves
  • Pea Shoots – Tecolote
  • Kale – The Home Grown Farm

* Starred items are available for sale as part of the Local Box only. Thank you for understanding!  The Local Box is subject to change throughout the week due to shortages and stock.

Ideas for This Week's Ingredients: 

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Broccolini: If you’re a veggie lover, broccolini is a real treat. It’s so easy to prepare & pairs well with so many flavors like Meyer lemon, white wine, balsamic vinegar, and of course, garlic. We’ve pinned dozens of great recipes, like Crispy Broccolini over Chickpeas!

Brussels Sprouts: Try adding these adorable little sprouts to a dish you wouldn’t expect to pair well, like roasted on top of homemade pizza, sautéed (with garlic) in a nice penne pasta, or even in a frittata! Don’t forget to use the greens and stalk, they’re packed full of nutrition.

Pea Shoots: Pea shoots can be used like you would use any green. A frittata or quiche is the perfect dish to showcase farm-fresh local eggs and pea shoots. You could add spinach, kale, garlic, broccolini, and even celery.

Texas Oranges: Of course you could just peel them and snack, but we suggest adding a whole orange to a smoothie. Blend 1 red bell pepper, the inside of 1 orange, 1 tbsp coconut oil, and ice or frozen fruit until you reach the desired consistency. Yum.

Happy cooking!

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