Bacon, Pork Belly, Sliced, Uncured, Unsmoked, Local - Central Texas

Bacon, Pork Belly, Sliced, Uncured, Unsmoked, Local
Richardson Farm

Bacon, Pork Belly, Sliced, Uncured, Unsmoked, Local

Produced by Richardson Farm

$11.99 per pound, pre-packaged

**Please note: Price shown is per pound, and package sizes may vary. Please read full description for weight range of each package, then use the arrows above to choose your desired package quantity. If you have a preference for package size within the weight, we’ll do our best to get as close as we can- please use the packing notes field at checkout to lettuce know!**

Each Pork Belly package weighs between 1-2lb. Final price will be $11.99 - $23.98 based on actual weight of product, determined at time of delivery.

Pork belly is the meat derived from the belly of a pig. In the United States, bacon is made most often from pork bellies. This pork belly is sliced but has not been cured or smoked making it great for adding to dishes for a pure pork flavor.

Richardson Farm

Jim & Kay Richardson

Rockdale, Tx
Richardson Farm

Jay and Kim Richardson live on a tree lined 200 acre farm with a variety of animals, but mostly turkeys. These gobblers roam the range in mobile pens feeding on alfalfa and other homegrown grasses. Around the holidays, you won't find a better Thanksgiving meal than these free-range turkeys.

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