Sandwich, Smoked Turkey, Greenling Kitchen - Central Texas

Sandwich, Smoked Turkey, Greenling Kitchen

Sandwich, Smoked Turkey, Greenling Kitchen

$6.29 per sandwich

Step away from the vending machine, and enjoy this flavorful turkey sandwich for lunch instead!

Baby arugula and our house-made chutney mustard add kick to this classic turkey sandwich. Served on a bakery-fresh whole wheat baguette roll and packaged for a quick and healthy meal on the go.


organic wheat baguette roll, Applegate Farms organic smoked turkey breast, organic red onion, organic baby arugula, chutney mustard sauce (organic mustard, local chutney (mangoes, brown sugar, vinegar, onions, red bell peppers, water, fruit pectin, olive oil, sea salt, herbs and spices)). Contains wheat.

They're not cheap, but man, they're tasty. One time I got one on a roll, instead of a hoagie - I'm guessing because the kitchen ran out of hoagies, but it was even better! (I've been meaning to tell Russ...) I love knowing my friends in the kitchen are making fresh snacks and meals out of local and wholesome goodness every day.

— Bill Doughty, "Code Slaw”

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