Houston Team

Mason Arnold

Cookie Monster

Mason Arnold has been a Sustainability pioneer and serial entrepreneur since graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 2001 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Greenling's customers aren't the only ones who have noticed Mason's passion for Sustainability. Mason and Greenling have been recognized in over 20 awards between them. He also drafted legislation (that passed) creating an Organic Advisory Board to the Texas Department of Agriculture to promote more Organic growing practices. Mason helped create Slow Money Texas, bring the Slow Money movement to farmers and producers all over Texas. He also helped for STIC, an investment club focused on local farms and local food. Mason has served on multiple community organization boards, including Sustainable Food Center.

Mason pretty much works all the time, because he loves what he does. Mason's not hard to spot when he's out and about primarily because he drives around in a Prius with a 6' banana on top of it. See more of him here - Facebook Profile

Any words of wisdom or advice that you have picked up along the way?: "The more I see, the less I know" Also "Complexity is a symptom of confusion, not a cause"

Linda Brown

Prune Cleaver

Linda joins Greenling as our General Manager and just like June, our own Prune Cleaver is dedicated to her Greenling family, keeping us well fed and happy! Linda might have grown up on a cotton farm, but she is all about sustainable farming now. Our Prune Cleaver leaves the needlepoint and cake decorating to June (though she does still do our dishes sometimes), and instead opts for getting her hands dirty in her backyard garden. 

When she's not taking care of us here at Greenling, she's spending time with her husband and her three German Shepherds. If her only guilty pleasure is a good book and a glass of wine on her porch, we'd say we are in pretty good hands.

Russell Cullen

Chairman of the Cutting Board

Rus originates from New Jersey, I think exit 152. He lives on the North side, has a dog named Beatrik, and loves Broccoli Rabe. He won't tell you this, but we have word that he likes to watch 'The Real Housewives' and 'The View.' Not that there's anything wrong with that...just sayin. He wins the 'most tattoos' award at Greenling if we ever give that one out. Rus is no idiot...and don't you dare call him that! Devon and Rus like to battle wits and they occasionally hurt each other's feelings. They always hug it out. Watch Rus' intro video to see him in action!

Drew Davis


If you see a bright green cargo van with vegetables painted all over it, driving incredibly courteously, you might be looking at our Veggie-Vigilante, Drew Davis. Though his moniker suggests a tough exterior, he is all hugs and puppies. Drew has lived in the Houston and Tomball area for 20 years now, so he knows every nook and cranny of our fair city. His love for Houston is only rivaled by his love for leafy greens. In fact, he someday hopes to build a scale replica of the City of Houston made out of spinach and kale and then eat it starting at Katy and heading West. You gotta have goals! Good luck on that, Drew!

Bill Doughty

Code Slaw

If Bill could be any vegetable or fruit he would be garlic because, "Garlic is potent. It develops in dark isolation, but it can be the life of the party when it gets together with other veggies." Maybe Bill should be in marketing, because this is the most eloquent and insightful answer. Alas, Bill cannot be in marketing because he keeps our green machine running, tending to the website and all the other techie things that make Greenling easy for customers and employees alike. 

Casey Eads

Licensed to Dill

Casey is the man to visit if you want to talk about Greenling inventory management or big government conspiracy theories, since he's an expert at both. We count on Casey to keep us in the loop on the latest corporate food capers, and homeboy won't stand for any of that GMO nonsense. He also keeps our warehouse clean as a whistle, with every organic and local product in the perfect place.

Jason Gonzalez

Speedy Tamales

Unfortunately, Moderate-Safe Speeds Tamales was already taken 'cause that would be more accurate. When he's not checking up on all traffic laws and auditing Defensive Driving Courses for the fun of it, Jason is probably doing something outdoorsy. He loves camping and fishing almost as much as delivering fresh, local food to conscientious customers all around the 3rd Coast. His favorite vegetable is Broccoli and his favorite over-all food is cheese. On his first day at Greenling, someone suggested that he combine the two into one ultimate food. Mind blown.

Devon Haire

Sage Advisor

Devon is our Sage Advisor and resident know-it-all, in a good way. She started as a ray of sunshine in our Customer Service department, moved to the warehouse and is now in charge of all kinds of special projects. She oversees operations, helps out with marketing & events, and is our one-woman HR department. She’s our go-to gal when we need a creative solution. She’s originally from Austin (Westlake High) and can be seen doing everything from concerts to kickball to lounging at Barton Springs.

Lanell Hall

Candy Hunke

Plants Manager

Candy (yep folks, that's her real name) has this amazing ability to pretty much do everything. That's a mom for you, I guess. She started in the packing room and is now managing our Central Texas office. She also helps us grow to new cities and she'll laugh at all your jokes. What's not to like? Check out her intro video for more sweetness.

Aspen Lewis

Partner in Lime

Aspen is a native Austinite and came to us after many moons in customer service & marketing in the natural foods domain. She oversees all things marketing – from running our social media accounts; managing community partnerships, donations & sponsorships; event planning; blog writing and all kinds of other things that tell the Greenling story. She loves working for Greenling because she can feel good about the values and quality standards of the company she is helping spread the word about. When she’s not here, she’s out seeing live music, hanging out with her 100 lb. dog and cooking.

Sarah Painter

The Cherry Godmother

Greenling’s Cherry Godmother does more than just wave her wand to make sure every delivery is a great delivery. Sarah Painter has been providing fairy dust for Greenling’s Customer Service for almost 2 and half years and is never seen not smiling. Her chuckle is as powerful as her magic wishes and she’s always fast to help any customer (or employee!)

The Cherry Godmother hails from Virginia, but started her own fairytale here in Austin in 2011. Trail hiking in enchanted forests is her favorite outdoor activity, but when she’s really feeling like an adventure she’ll drink a watermelon agua fresca and do some serious pondering. Her magic extends further than our customer service desk, specifically in the kitchen where she can whip up baked goods quicker than dressing Cinderella. Lucky for us, our fairy tale doesn’t end at midnight, Sarah’s dedicated to Greenling’s mission of bringing local and sustainable food to all!

Derek Smith

Haulin' Peños

Derek has been with Greenling so long that he used to drive a dinosaur around to deliver groceries to the good people of Austin. Back in those days, Greenling was a little operation. Now, more recently, he has taken on the routing duties for Greenling Houston and bosses our drivers around like a champ. A lot of, "Back In My Day..." and "Why I oughtta!..." kind of stuff. They LOVE it! He runs a tight chip over there but that is only because he believes in what we do and wants you to be happy. Not a bad quality, to be sure. Derek has a lovely wife, Andy and dreams of being able to teleport, which is ironic because it would probably make his job obsolete.

Emilee Whitesell

The Avocado Advocate

Feast your eyes on our very own Emilee Whitesell! Around these parts, she goes by the moniker “The Avocado Advocate” but is petitioning the Greenling Social Security Administration to have it legally changed to “Souper Woman” after surviving a recent horseback riding accident. She is one of the friendly voices you might hear if you ever call us to tell us how awesome we are or something slightly less complementary. Emilee has never met an okra that she didn’t like and has never met a gluten that she didn’t regret. Luckily, she’s always chipper and ready to handle anything that you throw at her (please, no gluten).

Adam LeFave

Flax Capacitator

Imagine a little elf that is always tinkering behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly; never seen, rarely heard. Now forget about the elf and imagine a full sized man, and you have Adam LeFave! As our main administrator, Adam has his hands in just about everything. He greets our wonderful visitors, enters all kinds of info into our system and countless other things. He also has the most immaculately arranged desk at Greenling… like “cereal killer” organized! Adam is a lifelong Austinite who loves podcasts so much that he often listens to them at double speed just so he can listen to more. For a last bit of trivia: he is the first Greenling team member to reference “Back To The Future” in his moniker. "McFry! McFry!"

Johanna Miller

Peppermint Chatty

Tired of digging clams and mispronouncing words like “bar” and “harbour” in Massachusetts, Johanna made her way down to Austin in 2006. She spent the next 7 years or so searching for the most “Austinist” place to work. After trying everything from designing flavors of ice cream for Amy’s, saving the Barton Springs Salamander from gingivitis, teaching two-stepping at the Broken Spoke and being the Head Coach of The University of Texas Football team, she finally found Greenling: THE most “Austinist” place to work. If there is anything she likes more than sharing cute videos of animals around the office it is helping a customer in knead.

Trisha DeSoi

Bean Counter

Trisha DeSoi is a rare one around here. Most of us at Greenling are, let’s say, not as “detail oriented” as she is. And it is a dang good thing she IS, because she is the one handling all of the accounting at our little operation. In Greenling, she found a way to combine her love for eating healthy, organic, local food with her skills as a top-notch bean counter. We should all be so lucky! Trisha holds the record in our company for most marathons at 7 but still manages to mix in some wine every now and then.

Delivery Staff


A lover of all things magic, Gob is where all the magic happens (The magic being to deliver all your local and organic groceries, of course.)


A child at heart, Buster always aims to please. He will always go out on a limb for you before things get out of hand.


With cat-like dexterity and balance, Tobias is the showstopper of the Houston delivery team. His last position was as the fourth member of the Blue Man Group.


The spunkiest of the group, Maeby loves crafting new ways to get all the attention from happy customers on the road. (Insert 'Call Me Maeby' joke here.)

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