About Us

By Mason Arnold, co-Founder/Cookie Monster

Greenling's story began with a fire. A fire in my stomach to change things. After graduating from UT with a Chemical Engineering degree, I went to work for an environmental consultant firm and learned and saw first-hand what was happening to the environment just outside of our beautiful cities. It killed me. It literally made me sick to my stomach. I had to do something! But I couldn't just march down to congress and demand something happen. Who would listen to me? So I decided to start small, knowing that one day I would take that march into congress. But this time, they'd all listen.

One day at work two publications came across my desk. One said that the #1 pollutant to Texas rivers & lakes was residential chemical fertilizer. The next paper was a study completed by Texas A&M proving that organic fertilizers produce a greener, healthier lawn. It wasn't long after that I started my first company - EarthAction Lawn & Landscape. As I grew the company I felt like something was missing for me. I was growing quickly and I was helping heal the environment. But I didn't feel like I was really connecting with the people. I wasn't helping open their eyes or change their habits. I know some entrepreneurs can and have connected with people through their lawns, but it just wasn't working for me. So I sold the company and started to look for a venture that was a better fit for my passions.

I looked at solar, water, wind, and a few other things. I got together with a college buddy and we started brainstorming businesses that we thought would really make a difference in the world. Nothing was jumping out at us until we started digging into our food system. That's when it hit us. There had to be a better way! Disease, allergies, health issues growing as fast as our waistlines. Something was broken. It didn't take long to see that it wasn't just something, it was everything. And this was something so fundamental that we'd all die without it. I found it hard to understand how we had gotten to where we were. So we spent months researching, interviewing, and testing ideas of how to play a role in fixing the food system.

That's when Greenling was born. Built from the ground up around the simple idea that people needed a way to get fresh, nutritious food and we needed to do it in a way that did not damage our environment. We were tech savvy and knew that technology was revolutionizing industry after industry. The award-winning combination of a high-tech business centered around one of the basics of our lives, our food, quickly grew into a thriving community of people supporting this simple, but amazing idea. We hope you find the food Greenling brings you as inspirational as we do and we welcome you to the family.

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