Freshness Guarantee

Did you cut into something & find bruises?

Something just not what you expected?

Don't worry! It's on us!

It's really that easy - just call or email - we'll happily credit your account

We source only the best produce in the land

Even the best produce in the land will have some occasional bruises or defects.  And some produce just doesn't get along in the same space.  Did you know that some fruits and vegetables release a gas that ripens (and rots) other fruits and vegetables?  When you put some together they can ripen and start to go bad in a matter of hours.  Also, sometimes things shuffle and get crushed during delivery.


We know you're trusting us to pick the best for you

We promise you'll like it or you don't pay for it. Can a grocery store promise that? We're the only grocery store in town that you can just call up for a refund. Have you ever bought something in the store only to get it home and find it to be bad? You'd have to haul it back to the store if you want a refund from them.  If you're like us, you just throw it in the trash.  Well, if you're like US you compost it.  But we don't judge.

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