Customers Say It Best...

“We are so gratified when customers write to us...we really appreciate when you take the time to give us feedback and kinds words! We get hundreds of happy emails each week, so if yours isn't here, it's because we are out picking perfect produce.”

Mason Arnold, Greenling Founder
(aka Cookie Monster)

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I have had outstanding service from you all every since first starting up with you. I know MANY MANY families who have become subscribers with you over the months so keep up the great service!

Wendy S.


Thank you both for taking care of this for us. Greenling continues to be the best in quality, convenience and service! Thanks,

Joy and Brian


I do appreciate the work that has already been put in to website you guys are providing far better info these days to help us with our shopping choices. Thanks again for everything you do!

Yvette B.


Oh wow. These have to be one of the most delightful things I have ever eaten. I hope there is more to come next week!

Shannon A.


The peaches have been fabulous! My 1-yr old baby actually runs to the green bin when in gets delivered to the house!

Cam H.


We are the proud recipients of the world's biggest, best looking mangos on the planet. Man, I cannot wait to have one. Gorgeous! Hats off to the Greenling team!

Amy B.


The peaches and the blueberries are awesome. My four year old ate 2 peaches before the rest of the food was unpacked. And I devoured all the blueberries. And I'd do it again.

Melisa S.


Thank you for helping me find the best tasting food out there.

Melisa S.


I simply could not contain my enthusiasm any longer. I had some of the watermelon from my local box on Thursday, and it was simply *the best* watermelon I have ever tasted - perfectly crisp, perfectly sweet. A big THANK YOU to everyone at Greenling and to the hardworking farmer(s).

Peter W.


I got my first local box from Greenling. Oh My! I am so impressed with the variety and the freshness. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Kerry G.


Just a note to let you know how wonderful ya'll are to work with and for providing such a great service!

Maia W.


I was very excited to get a call today from Steve at Buena Tierra Farm who said he wanted to sell to us because he has been hearing from so many other local farmers about what a great company we are to do business with!

Elizabeth W., Fearless Forager


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for continuing to be so awesome. I've been a Greenling customer since I worked with Mason on the graphics for your first delivery truck a couple of years ago and I'm amazed at how much you all have grown. I just added the farmstead artisinal products to my local box and I can't wait to see what I get!!

Holly W.


I was lucky enough to get cheeses included from PureluckOh WOW! it turned out to be the most delicate, beautiful satisfying morsels ever. The creaminess and color of the Del Cielo, so delicate and sensual, the lovely tanginess and freshness of the chevre, simply outstanding!

Anne B.


WE ARE IN LOVE WITH GREENLING, the quality is fabulous, the delivery is amazing, the packing is totally unbelievable and the people are everything we all love about living in the great state of Austin.

Allison W.


Thank you so much for your excellent service and wonderful fruits and veggies.

Jamie Z.


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your service! There are several foods I get from you all that have spoiled me completely and I don't think I'll be able to survive without you!

Pat. C


This was the most spectacularly beautiful basket of veggies I have ever seen in my life. Extra thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting it to my door.

Heather R.


Ya'll make it so easy! Thanks.

Nancy D.


Im so excited to serve all local food delivered by you! I know at least one of my neighbors has joined because Im always bragging about my local basket full of surprises and best of all delivered.

Nancy D.


we are so excited to have this service made available. Both of us are already eating healthier and enjoying the freshness provided in your products.

Faye C.


I have found my new favorite thing --!!!

Ruth F.


keep up the good work and know that = you are very much appreciated. Thanks again for offering to go above and beyond.

Karie B.


...just wanted to let someone know how delighted we are, and how much we're already enjoying our first delivery. Everything is so fresh and beautiful, and I've never seen curly mustard greens before -too pretty to eat (almost). Thanks again. This is a super idea and we're lovin' it!

Lin A.


Thanks so much. I am very excited about your service! Everything has been wonderful so far. Thanks again.



How to put this? Greenling Organic Delivery... I want to have your babies. :) Seriously, though... I love it. I had no idea that an ORGANIC, LOCAL grocery would deliver groceries TO MY DOOR in Round Rock, TX. So, I had to give it a shot, right? I mean, seriously? I may never have to step foot in the stuffy Whole Foods again. Although, I may want to mention the price difference... oh wait, what price difference? Whole Foods may even cost more than my delivered to me, on my doorstep, no effort on my part groceries. sold. =20 These people are the real deal. On friday evening, I recieved my greenling delivery including fresh fruits and veggies (all local) and a half galon of the most delicious milk my husband and I have ever had the pleasure of drinking (and I swore off milk about 3 months ago, oops). Not only that, but the fruit was delicious and the veggies fresh. Our favorite things we got from delivery #1: milk, eggs, baby spinach, and grandma's hummus (holy crap its good). I can't wait to try out new things next time! So incredibly happy, I want to give them 6 stars for fullfilling my need to support the local and organic farms! Yay for happy chickens and cows! PS: they have a gluten-free local box, and TONS of gluten-free grocery items :) for all my gluten-intolerant friends out there (including myself)

Caitlin H.


I dont know if you keep testimonials or whatever, but I just wanted to express how happy I am with your service. Every wednesday I clean out my fridge and wait for that bin of beautiful food to come to my door. Its like opening a big present every wednesday. My husband makes fun of me because I get so excited about vegetables, but they are so pretty! The quality of the local goods is unmatched by even specialty organic food stores ( you know who I mean ). Dont get me wrong I love those guys too, but there is no better way to support the local farm community than through your service. So I just wanted to say thank you so much! Dinner at my house has been so much more fun and yummy since we signed up. And your delivery drivers are awesome too, very cool and nice. Even with our 2 crazy dogs demanding to see what is going on on the other side of the door. Oh, and thanks for the green bags and recipes!! So cool.

Crystal W.


Thank you so much for following up on my first delivery. It was great, and exactly what I was hoping expecting. I will be continuing. Absolutely! Thanks again!



We love your notes that you write on our packing slip each thursday. We look forward to the box each week, but also wonder what you'll say next on our slip. :) thanks!

Van Nostrand Family


I received your voice mail. I wanted to let you know that we loved the produce and dairy products we got from you guys the other day. I'm sure the other things are great as well, those just stick out. The driver was friendly too. I am overall impressed with the service and products and excited to have found you. I really want weekly deliveries, but we're going to see if we can make do with every other week. Don't be surprised if we increase frequency! I am a home schooling mom to six, four of which have special needs. One of the other two is a toddler. So, as you can imagine, it is hard to get to the store for those items that have to be bought frequently. This is an exciting find for me.Thanks a bunch,



1) I love the convenience of having fresh veggies delivered to my door on Tuesday. I usually shop on Friday the Tuesday delivery resupplies us with fresh veggies and I don't have to make another trip to the store from Dripping Springs. I work full time and even a quick trip to the grocery store takes an hour with driving and unloading. I have also started skipping one or two grocery store trips a month because I know I will have my Greenling delivery. 2) I love the freshness and quality of your produce Whole Foods quality without having to deal with Austin traffic or all the people in the store! I used to menu plan and then shop didn't really think about what was fresh or in season. It is hard to tell at HEB. With my local box I now menu plan based on what is in it. We are also eating way more greens than before so that is definitely a benefit. Did I mention how much better your produce tastes? It is also forcing us to try different veggies and learn how to cook them. Many are items I would not normally even purchase. My 6 year old has started to eat cannellini beans and greens!!! Love the recipes that come with the box. The French baguette, the Pasta from Austin pasta company and Margarita's tortillas are also a big hit. We have had a number of cheese's and they have all been good. 3) I hope that by buying locally produced items I am supporting local small businesses and encouraging a diverse economic base in Texas. Produce that is fresh tastes better. 4) Somehow I am spending less at the grocery store than I used to 60 to 100 dollars with Greenling and then 80 to 120 dollars at HEB per week. My grocery bill used to be around $300 per week. I don't know how that is possible except that perhaps I was overbuying some produce and then throwing it out because it spoiled before we could us it. 5) Hopefully using Greenling is beneficial to the environment as there is less packaging material with Greenling items and less trips to the store



Thank you so much for your quick reply and great customer service. This kind of customer service is reflective of a great company. I'm excited to keep using Greenling in the future. Thanks again!

Matt A.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with my deliveries and the quality of the produce that I have been receiving!

Khanh N.


Everything is great with our service. We are a family of seven, so every week is perfect for us right now. The kids were blown away by the Paul-Bunyan-ness of our goose egg. Thank you,



Just wanted to share our small auxiliary newsletter with you--you're featured this month!

Alexis R.


Thanks for all your help with my order yesterday. The figs are OUTSTANDING! The food we get from Greenling keeps us healthy, organic and supportive of our community. Thanks for all you do!

Kimberley T.


I am so happy, happy with my box! I asked your crew not to pack in any eggplant or okra, and I just assumed I'd go without. Some wonderful soul subbed cremini mushrooms and banana peppers for me. Yay! What a great bonus. I can't wait to make omelets this weekend! Thanks so much,

Laura W.


I wanted to say that summer pasta recipe in this week's basket was so fantastic I have shared it with everyone at work and am thinking about changing my order to weekly rather than biweekly. Thanks for the great produce and new ideas about how to enjoy it!



I know you already are aware of this but I just wanted to tell you that my driver who delivers my orders is awesome! My cat, Sunshine, always wants to run away from home and be his asst! :) Sunshine loves it when he comes to the door. He's great!



Just wanted to let you know that I joined Greeling with a little nudging from Chris Cronn. I have been ordering about 6 weeks. I wanted to have more fruits and vegetables around and I never seem to have time to go to the grocery store. I have diabetes and have been having problems with my sugar levels during session. I got on the scale yesterday and I have lost 10 pounds without really trying because I am eating more fruits and vegetables. So I am now your number one fan. Thanks!

Leah R.


Thank you so very much for your great service, I look forward to it - every week

Olga B.


Everything went great! I am telling all of my friends because no one likes to visit the overcrowded grocery stores. Thank you!

Tiffany Y.


I cannot possibly express to you how picky I am when it comes to produce. The quality of Greenling is completely amazing! I am indeed eating so much healthier (more vegetarian) than I ever have before - it seems that shopping this way improves the choices I make. What a smart and positive contribution to your community.

Christine W.


WE ARE IN LOVE WITH GREENLING, the quality is fabulous, the delivery is amazing, the packing is totally unbelievable and the people are everything we all love about living in the great state of Austin.

Allison W.


I've been impressed with Greenling's commitment to customer service thus far, particularly the check-in call after the first few orders and the one yesterday to confirm a basket after a several-week lapse. This level of care sets the bar high. I'm a fan of the local produce basket and appreciate not only the mission to support local farmers, but also the attention to the quality of the food.

Moira P.


I have been waiting 7 years for a service like this in Austin. I had organic produce delivery when we lived in San Francisco, and have sadly missed it since moving to Austin in 2000. Again, thank you so much!!!

Cathy L.


I cannot believe how much easier my week is when I'm not going to the grocery store 2-3 times!



Thank you for the wonderful service, quality of produce and the excellent customer service. I have fresh food in the refrigerator, even when I can't get to the grocery store!

Jackie C.


Hey, Greenling - a big shout-out of thanks to all of you and especially my delivery guy. I am very appreciative that you worked with me when I was out of the office on Wednesday March 7 to allow me to still get my delivery. I love my grocery delivery!



I just got the delivery today - wow! We had our first baby on the 29th and we are of course still adjusting to this new life as parents! Thanks again from a happy austinmama :)

[As part of our community service, we give a free basket of produce to every new mother on the Austin Mama list-serve community group]


Happy independence day! And thank you for helping us be a little less dependent on the world of corporate farms!



I'm so impressed with everything about you guys! I've already sent out an email half our neighborhood- there's a ton of organic mommies around here - hope to send more business your way. Great job! We're hooked!

Lauren H.


We are loving everything about Greenling. My husband was SHOCKED that fruit could taste that good. He can't stop talking about it - and he's an engineer!

Meredith P.


I've priced the items you carry against HEB Central Market and you are often cheaper for the same item plus you bring it to my house!



Just got our first delivery and we are extremely happy. The apples and peaches are fresh and delicious..............we look forward to our next basket!

Paul J.


Thank you again for searching and finding new farmers and foods and providing something no one else does.

Melisa S.


Love fresh produce? Love saving gas? Love not having to deal with grocery lines and parking lots? And how about organic AND locally grown? If all this sounds good to you then greenling could be for you. Everything is delivered to your door in a tote. If you order cold things then they are contained in a keep cold bag with a bottle of frozen water. The product is great and the price is fairly comparable to grocery stores for similar items...

Jeannie F.


Thanks for another great delivery and some extra raspberries! We had lots of broccoli and green beans for dinner last night - very yummy.

Carol M. may be my greatest discovery since moving to Austin!

Abigail E.


You save my wife and I time, energy, gas, and don't forget patience of shopping at the local grocery, and the produce is far superior in flavor and freshness than our markets.

Garth and Elizabeth


I'm a big fan; I talk up Greenling like nobody's business, my family orders The Boxes every week, and I proudly sport your bumper sticker on my car! I love you and what you do.

Corbyn H.


Your delivery gal is wonderful. Love her! Your company was recommended to me by Julie D. and Kelley G. Both of them are organic gardeners and landscapers. Both of them are sticklers for quality and high end service.

Andrea W.


My family has a been a customer since just before Thanksgiving and we are really enjoying the delivery experience! Your deliveries are timely and extremely interesting.

Mary S.


I was one of the beta-customers about two years ago after discovering Greenling at the farmers' market. I have been a customer ever since.... the local selection is incredibly fresh, and there is a list-serve to discuss what you get and how to use it. I highly recommend the service.

Robbie S.


I am thrilled with your customer service and was SO happy with the first order of fruits and veggies I received. I am a very happy customer!

Heather R.


I love what you guys are doing and everything is so fresh. You have a lifelong customer!

Kim L.


We all are passionate about what you're doing, so keep up the good work!

Bob W.


Thank you for caring about organics and pioneering this service! It makes me wish even more that I could be an Austinite!

Lana B.


You guys seriously rock my world.

Holly W.


LOVESLOVESLOVES the Farmstead addition box!

Joanna B.


Thank you for bringing the local organic farmers to my home - awesome quality and service!

Arabella C.


If you haven't tried the peaches or blueberries yet, prepare yourself! I don't think I've ever had any better. Unbelievable! Wish I had 5 orders worth.

Eve R.


Keep up the great work! The service and personal attention you guys provide is wonderful. The fresh, organic produce always outlasts store bought items.



Thanks for providing your service to the community of Austin. I especially appreciate it being a Mom of 2 very young children. Thanks Again!

Felicia M


Thank you so much for a great delivery today. I was so excited to get all those veggies. We are having the artichoke for dinner tonight and I'm looking forward to mixing up the deliveries each week.

Toni Cordess


The order was great -- everything looked really nice -- and I'm picky about produce! Thanks again,

Regina A.


Amazing quality!! One of the first batches of apples we got this year rocked my world... best apples I've ever tasted.

Jeremy B.


Rock 'n Roll! You guys are awesome!

Dylan P.


The produce has looked exceptionally fresh and wonderful the last few weeks (especially exceptional since it's January) We are wishing you lots of success and good fortune! Best,



It is so great to have fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables without ever having to leave my home. I look forward to many more deliveries.

Naila A.


I want you all to know that I think this service is the coolest thing ever. The quality of service as compared with a competitor a few years back -- well, let's say ya'll aren't even playing in the same ball park. (: Thank you for everything!

Nathan N.


We got our Greenling delivery this morning! Thanks so much! Can't wait to dive into the fruit and baby carrots.



Thanks so much! Your service is appreciated and the veggies are DELICIOUS!



I've had several deliveries from Greenling, and they are wonderful! I usually shop at IGA or HEB and the organic produce choice is limited to say the least. !!

Lisa E.


We have been really happy with your service and appreciate you being so easy to work with. We have recommended you to a lot of people. Thanks again!



Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise box of fruit from Greenling after my baby was born! We have a hard time finding organic produce so getting an entire box of our favorites is really a treat!

Becca (Austin Mama )


Though I've been getting organic apples for about 3 months, these were the best I've had- so juicy and good! This is such a great service - thanks again!

Colleen Q.


There just might be a few people signing up from my neighborhood. They say they can't help admiring the goods! And others around the hood are just jealous that I don't seem to spend my life in HEB anymore! People are still not used to delivery.

Sheryl M.


The order arrived today, and everything looks great. I had to keep Timmy from eating all the blackberries before Benjamin gets home from school!



As dietitian, I value having a wide variety of organic produce available. The delivery system makes it effortless to get my 2 1/2 cups vegetables and 1 1/2 cups fruit per day!

Kristin W.


I truly love doing business with you guys. Please never stop being so customer service oriented



Please send me more coupons! I am, SO, loving my local baskets! Last week I made Eggplant Hummus with the oriental eggplant fresh garlic from my basket......... the different veggies really inspire me to try new things!

Chamayne O.


Thanks again - you guys are great, and even though we're new to the system up here at Southwestern, we are unanimously impressed with the quality of the food, the care with which it was delivered, and the whole approach you're taking to your business.

Kim M.


Leesalyn and I both believe strongly in your mission, and feel that this service has changed our lives in a positive way. Accessible and affordable healthy food is a right to life!

Burly H.


I can't tell you how much better we are eating now that we are hooked into greenling. My family (including 3 growing boys) are eating more veggies. Plus, I will love to show up at our family feast and tell your story as I present the big turkey!

Laura W.


Hi, I have been receiving the local box for 4 weeks now and I am VERY happy. I learned after the second week not to have any expectations (something I learned in my garden years ago, it takes tomato worms, squash bugs, or a feral pig just a night to ruin weeks of work). I just figure it will be a surprise and a good one. Thank you for a great product and good service.



I look forward to getting my orders every week! You guys save me lots of time and I appreciate that you continue to offer new items! By the way, I tried the local box for the first time last week and loved it.

Barbara H


I need to thank you for making sure I have had plenty of fresh fruits and veggies since my injury and surgery have kept me out of the grocery stores for 3 months. I intend to continue getting Greenling deliveries even after I am able to dump my crutches.

Mickey M.


I just wanted to say thanks for adding the Brussels sprouts to my order at the last minute (almost literally) yesterday! The bananas also were slightly green...just like I like them...and the tangerines (Surprise Me!) are delicious. You and the team continue to deliver wonderful products and customer service. Thanks again!

Robbie S.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful produce that you have been packing for us. It's all so delicious!!! Have a great day.

Mary, Ted, Ben S.


Thank you so much for taking care of this last-minute vacation hold. Greenling's customer service has been remarkable. It is a great service.

Nancy N.


Just so you know, you have the most clicked on link in a Tidbit in our 1-year of being in business. I think you guys provide a great service. My wife and I plan on signing up ourselves.

Ajit D'Sa, Co-owner, Austin Tidbits


I got marigolds yesterday and put them in an omelette last night with the green pepper from my box, a yellow onion, and some sausage. I also sprinkled one of the tomatoes on the top. It was delicious. The only problem is that I was eyeing my neighbors marigolds on my walk this morning :)



A friend of mine just frwd. me an article about big Corp. owned organic companies how they are putting pressure on Washington to loosen organic standards I was reminded again that I want to thank you all at Greenling for supporting local farmers for buying from sources like Ross Beef even Applegate Farms (Farmer owned co-op). I am more than happy to pay a little more, if need be, to know that the source of my food is ethical more sustainable. Keep up the good work, y'all :)

Heather G.


I just wanted to take a moment to praise the spiral cut ham we just got from you yesterday. This is quite seriously the best ham I have ever tasted ! I can't wait til the navy bean soup I am making with it is done - Yum. Thanks for all your hard work!

Heather C.


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