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Do you have a burning passion to change the way people eat? The first step to join the Greenling family is to join our Careers mailing list - we send up-to-date notifications to this list first! Then, scroll down to learn more about what makes us tick.

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Greenling’s Core Values:

The Customer - It all starts here
Relationships - Building them to last
Integrity - Doing what's right
Sustainability - Working today for a better tomorrow
Meaningful - Making a difference
Interdependence - We're all in this together
Determination - Dedicated & driven

The Greenling culture is something that's hard to describe. We work hard, but have fun. We love our customers, our farmers, each other, and what we do. Here at Greenling we believe our mission is critical. Working towards a sustainable future takes a team committed to adhering to our values, which drive everything we do!

Do you share these values and want to join the team? We'd love to hear from you! Here's that mailing list again:

Join the Greenling Careers Mailing List:

By entering your name and e-mail address above, you will be added to a list of folks we e-mail directly as soon as any position becomes available. Joining this list does not mean that you have submitted an application. Instead, you will pick and choose which positions you want to apply to and follow the application instructions accordingly.

We only accept applications when we have open positions, but not to worry - we are growing quickly, and, like the local and organic goodness our farmer heroes are cultivating - opportunities are popping up all over the place! In the meantime, make sure you mosey on over to our Community page for opportunities to connect with other like-minded, local food-lovin' souls like yourself!

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